Hello, I'm Sarah

Artist and Web Developer

I am a web developer with a background in fine art. After working in an art studio for the past 3 years, a friend suggested I try coding and before you could say “hello world” I was hooked. Driven by the need to create and a passion to learn new things, I strive to bring my creativity to programming. When I’m not coding I am in my studio working on my paintings, reading books about science, or making pizza from scratch. See some of my paintings here.
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Make it or Break it
Make it or Break it is a web app for making new habits and breaking bad habits.
  • Sign in and sign up using Google Oauth2
  • Reminder emails sent out with SendGrid and Heroku Scheduler.
  • Weekly progress tracked with a progress bar
  • Long term progress tracked with a calendar
  • Marshmallow character to cheer users on towards their goal
  • See step count using the Google Fit API
Technology: Ruby on Rails
APIs: Google Fit, Google Oauth2, SendGrid
Gems: Devise, Simple Calendar, Omniauth

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Neighborly allows users to create events for their area and create posts for lost and found items for their area.
  • Events map shows all current and future events, using the Google Maps API and links to their respective pages for more details
  • Events calendar displays events and time
  • Users can contact the author of the lost/found post via email using the Sendgrid API
Technology: Ruby on Rails
APIs: Google Maps, SendGrid
Gems: Devise, Simple Calendar, Geokit